Campership Opportunities 2019

Early Commitment Incentive!


7-Day Camp: $50 incentive

6-Day Camp: $40 incentive
5-Day Camp: $30 incentive
4-Day Camp: $20 incentive

The deadline for completed Health Consent and Release Form submission is March 1, 2019.

The deadline for completed Health Consent and Release Form submission for Hard-to-Fund areas is April 1, 2019.

Find more details and Health and Consent Release Forms here.

Area Directors can check participation from their areas here!

​Campership Legacy Fund!

CLOSED​ for applications - please complete follow up

(Available funds dependent on area)

WyldLife: $200 (max scholarships determined by area)

Young Life: $250 (max scholarships determined by area)


If your Area has received notice of receiving Campership Legacy Funds, please be sure to follow these steps:


·       Camper must be first time, unreached students needing financial assistance for camp

·       Area Director or a Volunteer Leader submits an application of $250 for a High School Camper and $200 for a Middle School Camper

·       AD must approve ALL applications before they move forward for further approval

·       Occasionally return to your list of applicants to see if the application is approved


·       Refer to the CLF - application process training guide.doc should you have questions – this is required before funding

·       Submit one application for each camper via the link above. All applications must be received by the day you leave for camp.​


·       Application is forwarded to area and regional offices for review and approval.

·       Application is forwarded to the Young Life Foundation for final review.

·       Upon approval, half of the scholarship money is transferred to the regional office for distribution to areas.

·       After camp, an email containing the follow-up form is sent to the person who filled out the application.

·       The second half of the scholarship funds are transferred to regions after the follow-up form is received.

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Tim Wolsborn Owner / Mortgage Broker
​Good Deeds Mortgage!

CLOSED for applications - please complete follow up

WyldLife: $200 (max 2 scholarships per middle school)

YoungLives: $225 (max 3 scholarships per area)

Young Life: $250 (max 2 scholarships per high school)



·       Camper must be a first time camper at a Young Life property

·       Camper must not have received LNCB or CLF funding

·       Camper must be attending a Young Life property during the summer camp week

·       Leader or AD must fill out and submit the application. Applications from campers or their families will not be accepted.

·       Camper must invest $50 for a deposit

·       Camper must complete 4-5 hours of work/service with their YL leader. The work/service preferred to not be at another fundraiser. The values: relationship building, being vested & learning service. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the region.

·       Area must contribute campership (at least $75) money towards this camper

·       Area must submit their area camp t-shirt in size large or medium to the donor (1 per area)

·       Leader/AD must fill out the Google Form application

·       Leader/AD must upload a photo of the camper to the Dropbox


·       Apply April 11 - May 17, 2019 as long as funds are available

·       AD and leader will be notified of camp funds awarded by May 24

·       Areas may apply for a maximum of two (2) scholarships per school and a maximum of three (3) scholarships per area for YoungLives

·       Scholarships are camper specific and not automatically transferable until agreements are met

·       Substitutes can be applied for 2 weeks before the camp and if all of the other expectations are
met for the substitute camper - apply for substitutes by emailing

 Follow Up – As your GDM scholarship recipients return from YL camp

Leader/AD must complete the follow up form for each camper in full

·       Two paragraphs about the camper’s experience and overall response must
be submitted to the region after camp. One paragraph must be about how the camper
processed the gospel

·       Be sure to send a camp T-shirt (one per Area) to Good Deeds Mortgage: 110 S Grand Ave, Pullman WA 99163

After camper completes his/her camper week, and the leader completes the follow-up form, funds will be transferred to the Area Campership account

Thank you for following these guidelines, members of team will be praying for campers by name, taking joy praying after camp as well, no matter the kids’ response.

The INW Region of Young Life is grateful for the generous support of for making this scholarship available to help extend to every kid the right to know about Jesus Christ.

WFR Leave No Camper Behind



High School / Capernaum Camper: $170 

Feb 1 - March 1 Early App Bonus: $50

Middle School / 9th Grade Week Camper: $110

Feb 1 - March 1 Early App Bonus: $40

YLVS Camper: $130 
Feb 1 - March 1 Early App Bonus: $40

**Each area may only apply for two scholarships per school for high school/Capernaum, 9th grade and middle school campers. Each area may apply for four YLVS scholarships total. One additional Capernaum-only scholarship is available per school.

Each year, Washington Family Ranch (WFR) staff and friends come together to donate and raise funds to assist kids in getting to camp through the Leave No Camper Behind (LNCB) scholarship program. The primary goal of this fund is to provide scholarships for High School, 9th Grade, Middle School, Capernaum and YoungLives campers who are attending a Washington Family Ranch Canyon or Creekside summer camp for the first time.


WFR Scholarship Webpage


·       Camper must be attending camp for the first time (first time at Canyon, first time at Creekside)

·       Camper must be a camper. Please do not apply on behalf of leaders, childcare workers or other accomanying adults.

·       Application must include a photo of the camper

·       Application must state in clear detail the nature of the camper's financial need or what the leader has observed of the camper's situation. 'This camper is poor' or 'I think they need a scholarship' is not sufficient information to award funds.

·       Leaders must send a follow-up note or camper thank-you note to WFR describing the camp experience, following their camp trip.

·       The early application bonus is not transferrable to another applicant after March 1st.

·       Full details and requirements can be found in the guidelines document linked above. Please read the requirements thoroughly before applying for LNCB funds.

Replacement Campers

·       If a camper with an approved aplication is unable to attend camp, an area may submit a replacement application through the application link above. Select 'replacement application' and put in the name of the cancelled camper to transfer their awarded funds to a new applicant. Early app bonus funds cannot be transferred to a new applicant after March 1st. Replacement applciations must fulfill all the criteria of a new application.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or feedback on the LNCB scholarship program, please feel free to contact WFR at (541) 489-3100 or by e-mail at

Young Life Inland Northwest Reg | 418 W Sharp Ave Spokane, WA 99201-2421

Phone: (509) 838-2244

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