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NEW! Paid Time Off Request Form - Submit when requesting PTO, vacation, sick leave, etc. with your supervisor

Google Drive Installation - Link to Google Drive Documentation for Mac/PC
Sync Google Calendars on IPhone - 2 step process 1) install the gmail account 2) Sync Multiple Calendars (at the bottom of the page)
Staff Hire Intake Form - Submit when considering a hire in your Area

Student Staff Hire Intake Form - Submit when considering a Student Staff or PT Mission Staff
Open Club/Ministry Form - Submit when opening a club/ministry in your Area
Close Club/Ministry Form - Submit when you want to close a club/ministry in your Area
Teacher Staff/Leader Roster - This is our Regional Roster of Teacher Staff/Leaders in our Region. Please keep it updated for your Area.
Administrator Evaluation Form​ - Click here to download the Area Administrator Evaluation Form

Google Docs/Folders:

AF51 Master Roster Google File – This is our Regional Roster of Key people within every Area (NOT Volunteer Leaders). Every Area is expected to keep this updated; it is a requirement of the Oct 1 List; however, updating during the year is encouraged.
AF51 RLT Google Folder  – RLT only documents. These documents cannot be edited but can be viewed. It is expected that you will download (copy) the documents to your own folder should you want to make changes.
AF51 RLT Edit Google Folder - RLT only documents. These documents CAN be edited and are mostly sign up sheets and documents gathering collective information.
AF51 All Staff and Volunteers Google Folder – Master Roster, sign-up worksheets, volunteer screening information, New Hire Forms, Concur New User Form and training information, and much more. These documents can be edited so please access with caution.
Google Calendars:
AF51 Google Calendars – This will bring you to your Google account. Once you login, you should see the INW Calendars (Days of Solitude, INW Area Events, and INW Regional Events) under “Other Calendars” to the left of your screen.
Administrative Links:
Need a quick route to administrative forms and information, refer below. 
How To - This web page provides instructions for certain Young Life, Google, and Electronic processes (eg. How to create a customized URL for your Area online or mobile giving).
Income Processing Forms - This will bring you to forms necessary to send in cash or non-cash contributions for your Area. A Staff Resources login is necessary.
Volunteer Leader Training - This will bring you to resources for training new leaders and provide a tool to build your own Area manual. A Staff Resources login is necessary.
EMMA - Electronic Newsletter Information. A Staff Resources login is necessary.
YL Communication Toolbox - all you need to tell the Young Life story easily, clearly, consistently and in a winsome way, whether it be with our logo, phrases we suggest or through brochures and videos we make available. A Staff Resources login is necessary.
Young Life Resources and Supplies - Need banners, brochures, banquet or golf materials, or a committee manual, etc. follow this link. A Staff Resources login is necessary. 
Request for Facility Insurance Certificate - Need a certificate of insurance to use a local facility for a Young Life event or Club, follow this link. A Staff Resources login is necessary.
Understanding Service Charges - This link brings you to a brochure explaining service charges.

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