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Women's Leadership Network

We see the Women's Leadership Network (WLN) as an army of courageous women joining our army of strong, Godly Young Life men to incarnate the living Person of Jesus Christ, for the sake of reaching a world of kids with the gospel and helping them grow in their faith. This army of women is called, educated, equipped, and empowered to lead as well as serve and is welcomed warmly at every level of ministry leadership.

Women in every ministry capacity are engaged as donors, Committee/Board members, volunteer
leaders, staff, and spouses. Our women are strongly networked with each other throughout the
Mission, and support and encourage one another both personally and professionally AND they do not stand apart as a silo. Rather they are integrated into a healthy community with the
men of Young Life. These true, honoring partnerships between women and men are made possible because both women and men have dedicated themselves to reconciliation at the deepest levels, healing the wounds created at the Fall, and continuing to this day.

A movement has been created within Young Life which results in a culture of leadership through a transforming community bent on discerning the will of God together. As kids are embedded in this culture, they experience the living Person of Jesus Christ, because of being included in healthy, synergistic relationships. The wholeness, the fullness of the Triune God is honored and glorified, drawing kids into a lifelong relationship of worshiping and serving Him.
​Your WLN Representatives

Lilly Moon
INW Assoc Regional Director & Admin II

Tanya Huber
Emerging Leaders and YL Spouse

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Prayer Team:
Judy Strickler, Lisa Whitley, Kathleen Lucas Roberts, Susie Greene, Cindi Mader, Carmen Dooley, Marci Weeks, Laura Jepsen, and Carrie Anderson

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